TISS Quick Registration Script

What is it about?

It is always very hard to get into a limited group if many other students (>200) also try to get into the same group. You have to be faster than anyone else. It was always a very thrilling moment, when the registration slots got opened. And so the idea was born to to create a automatic script, lean back and watch it doing its job in a very relaxed way.

A brief description of the script and its possibilities:

The UserScript helps you to get into the group you want on TISS fully automatically. It opens the right panel, registers and confirms your registration. If you don’t want the script to do everything automatically, the focus is already set on the right button, so you only need to confirm. There is also an option available to auto refresh the page, if the registration button is not available yet, so you can open the site and watch the script doing its work. You can also set a specific time when the script should reload the page and start.


You can get the latest version and further information on GitHub:
TISS Quick Registration Script on GitHub

Have fun :)

10 thoughts on “TISS Quick Registration Script

    • Hi Simon,

      currently it is not possible to register to exams with this script, only to courses and groups. Usually, it is easy to get registered for a specific exam and you don’t have to hurry to get the one you want (in comparison to courses or groups). That’s the reason why it is not supported currently. Of course, you can add this feature and I would be happy to see a Pull Request on GitHub. :)

      Best regards,

  1. the script has problems with group titles that only contain numbers. some admins never write ‘Group 3’ but only ‘3’. change function getGroupLabel to
    this.getGroupLabel = function (nameOfGroup) {
    return $(“.groupWrapper .header_element span:contains(‘” + nameOfGroup + “‘)”);
    somewhere at line 460..

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